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Who We Are

Founded in 2019 to address and empower high-complexity, long-maturation Railway Infrastructure Projects, for the past four years we have been developing and structuring Brazil's most innovative mobility project: the Expresso Planalto Central. Our company is composed of a multidisciplinary group of partners, in collaboration with specialist consultants.

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Projects strategically designed to meet the specified parameters within the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) framework.

At OTMZA LABS, we are committed to advancing projects that not only excel in engineering precision but also adhere to the critical ESG standards.

Our projects are conceived with a strategic focus to ensure they deliver sustainable and socially responsible outcomes while maintaining the highest levels of governance and accountability.


Our projects incorporate electrified railway mobility solutions powered by clean energy sources. This approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also enhances energy efficiency across operations.


Social considerations are fundamental to improving the quality of life for all users. Our transportation solutions provide high-level service, significantly boosting systemic productivity in the region and directly benefiting our users' daily lives.


The project is designed to support all necessary compliance structures for regulatory transparency required by governmental bodies and civil society. This ensures that our operations uphold the highest standards of governance and accountability.


Railway and Transit-Oriented Development projects, designed to elevate real estate standards.

Our railway and transit-oriented development projects are strategically engineered to revolutionize real estate markets by integrating sustainable transport solutions. These developments enhance urban life by providing seamless access to efficient, eco-friendly transportation networks, thereby redefining the value and appeal of real estate within and around these hubs.

At OTMZA LABS we are committed to pioneering advancements that connect people, places, and possibilities more dynamically than ever before. Join us as we build the future of urban development, where smart mobility facilitates thriving, resilient communities.




When we think about trains, we think fast, quiet and clean. We think reliable, comfortable and safe. We think past, present and future.
Nothing beats the effectiveness of a mode of transport that’s been constantly evolving for over two hundred years.