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OTMZA LABS enables railway mobility solutions through Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), bringing neighborhoods closer, following ESG premises, along with the concepts of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)

Focused on bringing mobility and urbanism synergy to improve people’s life quality.

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Expresso Planalto Central

When we think about trains, we think fast, quiet and clean. We think reliable, comfortable and safe. We think past, present and future. Nothing beats the effectiveness of a mode of transport that’s been constantly evolving for over two hundred years.

The size of its importance is proportional to its challenges and complexities. Developed countries are constantly chasing the improvement of its rail network, and the developing ones struggling to build its own.

Challenges and opportunities are two faces of the same coin. That’s why in 2019, OTMZA LABS was founded in Brasília – Brazil. After decades of state exclusivity on its railway infrastructure planning, the private sector was allowed to plan and build its own railroads, under the Law 14.273/2021. Since the prerogatives of Transit-Oriented Development were thoroughly described in the law, we made our choice.

And we chose Mobility.

Building fast passenger railways brings neighborhoods together. From Paris to Sidney, 15- or 30-minute City Concept takes mobility and urbanism to a pivotal role in its population's quality of life. As technology and productivity increases, our time gets more valuable.